Our First Litter aka Our Space Theme Litter

               Vendetta's New Beginning With AltitudeTOBI
Vendetta’s Got Altitude-Lucy
Vendetta's Absolute Altitude -VENUS
Vendetta's High N Mighty Altitude-DEXTER
Vendetta's Extreme Altitude-LEO
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From Our Awesome 2nd Litter - Arrived 8/23/2010

Sugar, Doc & Buster from our 2nd litter sleeping with big sister Galaxy from our 1st litter - Too Cute!
Our 2nd litter at Vendetta Boxers is a small litter of 3 fabulous puppies, 2 boys an 1 girl. This is our B letter litter so we had to have a word that started with the letter B as our theme word. We chose the word back because we really liked what we could come up with for names.These names fit perfectly.

Vendetta's Back to the Basic's - Sugar
Vendetta's Back To The Future - Doc
   Vendetta’s Back In A Flash, CGC - Buster 8/23/10 - 3/28/16
(Buster became suddenly ill over the weekend -couldn't walk, vomiting, not eating with seizures . They took him to the vet who had suspected Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia with some underlying neurological problems. They tried everything to save him but he was unresponsive. He passed away this afternoon at the vet while being treated)

Sugar, Doc & Buster are happily in their new homes
enjoying their new wonderful families!
Our quite Charming (Charmed) litter is our 3rd litter here at Vendetta Boxers and was whelped 1/6/2012. We are quite please to say the least!

Here we have Galaxy with her whole brood, in birth order Murphy, Enzo, Charm, Jack Frost, Julep, Tinker Bell, Chevy, Bentley, Birdie & Dempsey
                 UKC CH, Vendetta's Lucky Charm- Murphy
Vendetta's To Be Charmed-Enzo
UKC GRCH, UCI INT/NAT CH Vendetta's Third Times A Charm, CGC, Hat - Charm AKC Pointed
Vendetta's What A Charmer-Jack Frost
Vendetta's Isn't She Charming, CGC -Julep
Vendetta's Got Charm-Tinker Bell
Vendetta’s Charmed One-Chevy
UCI INT/NAT CH Vendetta's Prince Charming - Bentley UKC Major Pointed
UKC CH Vendetta's Charmed I'm Sure - Birdie AKC Pointed
Vendetta's Simply Charmed-Dempsey
From Our FABULOUS 1st Litter arrived 9/24/209

Whelp/Birth Order from left to right
2nd - 1st - 3rd - 5th - 4th & 6th

                    Girl        Boy      Girl      Boy      Girl      Boy
                  Galaxy       Tobi    Venus    Dexter  Lucy      Leo
Our Big (Deal) litter is our 4th litter here at Vendetta Boxers and was whelped 11/14/2012.

Here we have Galaxy with her 10 beautiful puppies. We have 6 boys and 4 girls.
          Vendetta's Whats The Deal - Guinness
UKC GRCH Vendetta's Sweeten The Deal - Delta AKC Pointed
Vendetta's Done Deal - Banjo
Vendetta's Deal Or No Deal - Bella
Vendetta's Deal Me A Duce - Max (Maximillion)
Vendetta's Dealing High Stakes - Cassious (Cash)
Vendetta’s Lets Make A Deal - Mocha
Vendetta's Wheenin And Dealin - Baloo
Vendetta's Dealer Takes All - Kelsey
Vendetta's Deal Of A Lifetime - Jacks UKC Pointed
The Fire Litter Puppies

Vendetta's Firecracker aka Manny
Vendetta's Ready Aim Fire aka Pistol
Vendetta's Playing With Fire aka Rocket
Vendetta's Rapid Fire aka Hooch
Vendetta's Fire Fighter aka Blaze
Vendetta's Light My Fire aka Bic
Vendetta's Friendly Fire aka Mark
Vendetta's Hell Fire aka Lenni Lou
Vendetta's Fire In The Sky aka Skye
Vendetta's Fire And Ice aka Karma
Vendetta's Fire Starter aka Pyro
The Easy Litter Puppies

Vendetta's Easy Mac aka Mac
Vendetta's Take It Easy aka Eagle
Vendetta's Easy Breezy aka Lucy
UKC GRCH Vendetta's Easy Lane aka Laney AKC Pointed
Vendetta's Easy As Pie aka Cali
Vendetta's Nice & Easy aka Blondie
Vendetta's Easy On The Eyes aka Hazel
Vendetta's Easy Alley aka Piper
Vendetta's Easy Money aka Kona
Vendetta's Easy Rider aka Ryder
Our 5th & 6th litters came just 4 days apart. All 21 puppies can be seen below all together. This was a very crazy but super fun time. OMG, there was poop, lots and lots of poop!

Litter 5 is out of our girl Charm aka UKC GRCH, UCI Multi INT/NAT CH, Vendetta's Third Times A Charm, CGC - Charm has 8 points towards her AKC CH Title - All Points owner/breeder handled from the bred-by class

Litter 6 is out of our girl Galaxy aka UKC GRCH, UCI Multi INT/NAT CH, Vendetta N Altitude Beam Me Up Scottie, RN, CGC, HAT - Galaxy has 3 points towards her AKC CH Title - All Points owner/breeder handled from the bred-by class

Both litters were sired by our buy Raider aka UKC CH, UCI NAT/INT CH Black Dymond's Aplaws At Vendetta, CGC, HAT - Raider has 8 points towards his AKC CH Title - All Points owner handled.
It must have been a sign. This is litter G for Vendetta Boxers. We had been waiting to do this breeding since October 2013 and should have done it before our last 2 litters. Birdie took forever to come into season, which made her the one to give us our G litter instead of our E or F litter.Everything really does happen for a reason!

This being our G litter and the amazing sire being Maxl's Stay Gold truely makes this is our Golden Opportunity litter and Gold will be the theme for this amazing Vendetta-Galaroc litter. We are definitely going for GOLD here!

I cannot even begin to express how completely and totally excited and thrilled I am for this

The Golden Opportunity Litters Puppies

Vendetta-GalaRoc's Gold Rush aka Rush
Vendetta-GalaRoc's Gold Legacy aka Bailey (formerly Legacy)
Vendetta-GalaRoc's Pot Of Gold aka Duke - Formerly Patrick
UKC CH GalaRoc N Vendetta's All American Girl aka Carrie (Reba)
UKC CH Vendetta-GalaRoc's Gold Strike aka Striker AKC Pointed
Vendetta-GalaRoc's Ounce Of Gold aka Bruce (formerly Kilo)
Vendetta-GalaRoc's Brick Of Gold aka Ozzy (formerly Brick)
UKC Multi BIMBS NP, BISS NP  CH, UCI NatSR/IntSR CH Vendetta-GalaRoc's Gold Dust Woman aka Stevie - AKC Pointed
This is litter H for Vendetta Boxers.
We have repeated our amazing G litter breeding!
To see the Golden Oportunity puppies click here
To see the HOT HOT HOT puppies click here

This being our H litter and the amazing sire being the "HOT" Maxl's Stay Gold, truely makes this is our HOT/Hudson & Birdie litter and Hot will be the theme for this amazing Vendetta-GalaRoc litter.
We definitely have some hot puppies here!

This is the 2nd litter between this Sire & Dam. Their 1st litter (our GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY) was so amazing we just had to repeat it. We knocked it out of the park with an even more amazing Hot Hot Hot litter.

This amazing pair. They are definetly great together!
From our Hot Hot Hot Litter we bring you
Vendetta-GalaRoc's Hot Mess aka Rochelle - Now Liesel
Vendetta-GalaRoc's Hot Stuff aka Oliver - Now Rolfe
Vendetta-GalaRoc's Hot Topic aka Anthony - Now Casey
Vendetta-GalaRoc's Hot Dam aka Jennifer - Now Reya
GalaRoc N Vendetta's Sweet dream baby aka Kate - Now Lacy
GalaRoc N High Ridges Golden Vendetta aka Bill - Now CJ (for Connor Jr.)
Vendetta-GalaRoc's Hot To Trot aka Garth - Now Rocko
Vendetta-GalaRoc's Hot N Spicy aka Ernie - Now Bodhi
Vendetta-GalaRoc's Sizzling Hot aka Tina
GalaRoc N Vendetta's Good For A Good Time aka Rock - Now Rucker
This is litter I for Vendetta Boxers.

The I is for Incredible as these puppies are Incredible

This is the 2nd litter for our Charm and the 1st litter for Brady.

This amazing pair was definetly great together!

They prduced the following gorgeous puppies:

Vendetta N Premier Cru's Just Incredible aka Pino
Vendetta N Premier Cru's Incredible Adventure aka Chablis
Vendetta N Premier Cru's Incredibly Magnificent aka Jax
Vendetta N Premier Cru's Incredibly Sophisticated aka Stash
Vendetta N Premier Cru's Incredible As Can Be aka Izzie
Vendetta N Premier Cru's Incredible Journey aka Rose
Vendetta N Premier Cru's Incredible Explorer aka Roxer
Vendetta N Premier Cru's Incredible Vintage aka Briget

Sorry, I tried but could get all 8 in 1 shot. Couldn't get the faces on the 2 in front on the picture of 4 on the left either!