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If you interested in puppy from an upcoming litter please complete our Application/Questionnaire. I cannot put you on a waiting list until this is done. We welcome all genuine interest in our puppies/dogs. We will not respond to one liner ”how much” inquiries. We only place puppies in homes that we feel are suitable for our puppies. We want to place are puppies in the best homes possible, the 1st time. That is why we have such a lengthy application.

We reserve the right to refuse a puppy to any home we feel not suitable. Registered names will be selected by Vendetta Boxers. Your Kennel names can be added for show prospects. Companion puppies are placed on an adult spay/neuter agreement. All show prospects will now be co-owned

We already have possible show homes waiting for show puppies from our next litter so you may want to get on our waiting list soon if your interested, even if your only interested in a pet puppy! Most puppies in a litter are pet puppies. If breeders honest with themselves you may get 1 or 2 show prospects in a litter, depending on the size of the litter. Most puppies are really just pets. There are breeders who think that every puppy in a littter can and will be show puppies, its not the norm and not usually true. In some rare instances you can have an exceptional litter with more then your fair share of show prospects but it is NOT the norm!

Before you start the process to get on our waiting list you should be aware of the following;

  Our Puppies are priced between $2000 and $3500 depending on the puppy and if it is a show or pet puppy. Cropping fee is in addition to the price of the puppy. The price of our show puppies increase once they are trained to show, or have points towards their Championships. 

* Special consideration will be given to those who wish to work their boxers. This includes conformation, Obedience, Rally, Herding, Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, Lure Coursing, Search and Rescue or Therapy or any other dog sport fir for a Boxer. If you would like information on how to get involved in working your puppy we would be more than happy to assist you.

If you are prepared to spend several hundred or thousands of dollars for a purebred Boxer, you should get the best puppy for your money. You may think that your boxer is just going to be a pet. That is even more reason for her/him to come from a reputable breeder who is concerned about health and good socialization. A boxer who is going to be a family companion should come from the healthiest most temperamentally sound stock available.

It's fitting that on Veterans Day 2018 we welcomed the 1st litter of 3 puppies for both this sire & dam. The puppies were due 11/6/18 through 11/8/18 but they waited to arrive on this special day for Americans.


We will repeat the Stevie & Trump Breeding on Stevie's next season! Since that will be a planned litter that we try for we should have more puppies. Likely between June & August 2019
Our 2nd (unplaned) litter arrive 11/23/18 and from that we have just 1 boy. The a plain Brindle Boy. We a 2nd a Flashy Brindle Boy but we are devasted to say we lost him at 4 days old. Most likely he was to injured from momma stepping on him. We tried to save him but could not. We were expecting and had 3 puppies and unfortunately the 3rd puppy was stillborn and we couldn't save him. We are heart broken. He was a beautifully marked Flashy Brindle Boy.  Our sole surviving puppy is a big handsome boy that is super adorable.

From our Veterans Day litter sired by Trump and out of Stevie we are watching Liberty & Bell to see if one of them will have what we are looking for so we can place one of them in a show home on a co-ownership. We won't know which if either will be what we are looking for until we evaluate them between 6 to 8 weeks.

Our 2nd litter is also sired by Trump and out of  our girl Birdie.
"Stevie" AKC CH/UKC RO1 CA GRCH CH/UCI HRN'S CH Vendetta-GalaRoc's Gold Dust Woman CA TD SPOT RATI RATO
"Trump" AKC CH/UKC GRCH CH/UCI INT CH Jab N Vendetta's Commander & Chief RATI
1st to arrive is "Liberty" Vendetta's Lady Liberty

She is a beautifully marked Flashy Dark Brindle Girl that arrived at 9:39 am, weighing in at 14.6 oz's

Libby (formerly Liberty) is a very lucky girl that will be owned by my friend DeeDee and co-owned by myself. Libby made the show cut and will be showing in California in AKC, UKC & IABCA.
2nd to arrive is "Bell" Vendetta's Liberty Bell

She a beautiful Plain Dark Brindle Girl that arrived at 9:56 am weighing on at 14.7 oz's

Dani (formerly Bell) is loved by Nikki
3rd to arrive is "Justice" Vendetta's Liberty & Justice For All

He is a handsome Solid White Boy that arrived at 10:54 weighing in at 14.6 oz's

Tahoe (formerly Justice) is loved by Stephane and Elaine
"Birdie" UKC CA GRCH / UCI HNR'S CH, Vendetta's Charmed I'm Sure aka Birdie, CA, SPOT RATI, RATN AKC/UKC DOM
"Trump" AKC CH/UKC GRCH CH/UCI INT CH Jab N Vendetta's Commander & Chief RATI
1st to arrive and the sole surviver is  "Bitcoin" Vendetta's Money For Nothing

He is a beautiful Plain Dark Brindle Boy that arrived at 7:35 am, weighing in at 17.3 oz's

Bitcoin is loved by Charmane & Howard
Click on picture of sire or dam above to see all group pictures of this litter from birth 11/11/18 to 11/24/18
All of our puppies from our current litters are spoken for. We will be repeating our Stevie & Trump breeding. If you want on the waiting list for that litter please get in contact with us now. I have at least 4 or 5 homes aleardy waiting for puppies from that litter.

Show Pick 1 is reserved
Rachel S - Pet Picks 1 & 2
Matthew F - Pet Pick 3
Suzi H - Pet Pick 4

Our next litter is our N litter. We have already decided that Never will be our theme word. Puppies registered name will likely be from the following list:

Vendetta's Never Have I Ever
Vendetta's Never Say Never
Vendetta's Never Ending Story
Vendetta's Never Say Die
Vendetta's Never Give Up
Vendetta's Never Gonna Lie
Vendetta's Never Is A Long Long Time
Vendetta's Never Never Land
Vendetta's Never Going Get It
Vendetta's Never Quit
Vendetta's Never Said That