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Before you start the process to get on our waiting list you should be aware of the following;

*   Our Puppies are priced between $1500 and $2500 depending on the puppy and if it is a show or pet puppy. Cropping fee is in addition to the price of the puppy. The price of our show puppies increase once they are trained to show, or have points towards their Championships. 

* Special consideration will be given to those who wish to work their boxers. This includes conformation shows, Obedience, Rally, Herding, Search and Rescue or Therapy. If you would like information on how to get involved in working your puppy we would be more than happy to assist you.

If you are prepared to spend several hundred or thousands of dollars for a purebred Boxer, you should get the best puppy for your money. You may think that your boxer is just going to be a pet. That is even more reason for her/him to come from a reputable breeder who is concerned about health and good socialization. A boxer who is going to be a family companion should come from the healthiest most temperamentally sound stock available.

The Puppies have arrived! Whelped on 1/29/2016. One day before their 1st due date.

We have 8 beautiful puppies!

5 girls (2 plain fawn, 2 flashy fawn, 1 plain brindle, 1 flashy brindle) and
3 boys (2 flashy fawn & 1 plain brindle)

All of the puppies have white chests and feet will small white blazes that will likely disappear as they grow.

The Puppy Page can be found here

Puppies 1st pictures below
BX-CA3342/32M/P-VPI - CARDIAC - SAS Clear
Holter Clear
BX-EL747M31-VPI - Elbows - Normal
BX-5124G31M-VPI - Hips - Good
BX-TH860/31M-VPI - Thyroid - Normal

Brady's OFA Page
BX-CA2835/23F/P-VPI - CARDIAC - SAS Clear
Holter Clear
BX-EL684F33-VPI - Elbows - Normal
BX-4982G33F-VPI - Hips - Good

Charm's OFA Page
This litter will be our (I) litter, which is perfect for our Incredible theme

All of the puppies in this litter will have the word Incredible in their registered names.

The names will also all carry our name and the sire owners name in the puppies names.

Vendetta N Premier Cru's Incredible Vintage
Vendetta N Premier Cru's Incredible Journey
Vendetta N Premier Cru's That's Incredible

Just to name a few. We will choose the Puppies Registered Names and you can pick your puppies call names. If you can come up with a registered name the includes Vendetta N Premier Cru's & some form of the word incredible before we pick the registered names then we will consider your name.
UKC CH, UCI INT CH Hallmark's In It To Win It
Brady is AKC Pointed and working on his UKC GRCH and additional UCI Titles as well as his AKC title
UKC GRCH, UCI INT/NAT CH Vendetta's Third Times A Charm, CGC
Charm is AKC Pointed and just needs her majors and possible a single to finish in AKC. She is owner/breeder handled to all of her points. Charm was in the UKC's Top 10 in 2012 & 2013
If you interested in puppy from this litter please complete our Application/Questionnaire. I cannot put you on a waiting list until this is done. We already have serious show homes waiting for show puppies from this litter so you may want to get on our waiting list soon if your interested, even if your only interested in a pet puppy!

We welcome all genuine interest in our puppies/dogs. We will not respond to one liner ”how much” inquiries. We only place puppies in homes that we feel are suitable for our puppies. We want to place are puppies in the best homes possible, the 1st time. That is why we have such a lengthy application.

We reserve the right to refuse a puppy to any home we feel not suitable.
Registered names will be selected by Vendetta Boxers. Your Kennel names can be added for show prospects. Companion puppies are placed on an adult spay/neuter agreement.
All show prospects will now be co-owned
UKC GRCH, Vendetta's Easy Lane aka Laney
This gorgeous girl is the daugter of Charm above from her previous (1st litter) nearly 2 years ago. Laney has had very limited showing and has grown into a gorgoues young female that is getting better and better with age. We can't wait to see what Charm gives us this litter. I am sure they will be INCREDITBLE!