Striker is owned and loved by Abbie Brandon and her husband Joel Brandon of Jab Boxers and is living in Dinuba, CA. Watch for this gorgeous boy in the AKC & UKC show rings!
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Striker is sired by "Hudson" AM GRCH Maxl's Stay Gold SOM and out of "Birdie" UKC CA GRCH Vendetta's Charmed I'm Sure, CA, SPOT, A/U DOM

Hudson was Bred-By Michelle & Donna of GalaRoc Boxers. "Birdie" was Bred-By us at Vendetta Boxer.
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Below we see Striker at almost 9 months
Below we see Striker at 13 months
WD Line Up 11/8/15 - Striker gets the point!

All I can say WOWZA!
Striker makes his 1st appearance in the AKC Show rings 11/7 & 11/8, 2015 at the Wine Country Kennel Club Shows in Napa, CA. He was Breeder handled by me (his very proud breeder). His mom Abbie and I are blown away! This boy at 13 months has only lived with Abbie and her family 6 short weeks. In that short time he has shown in 1 weekend of UKC Shows (where he attained his UKC CH Title) and 1 one weekend in AKC show rings where he went RESERVE WINNERS DOG Sat 11/7/2015 and WINNERS DOG FOR HIS 1ST AKC POINT Sun 11/8/15! He is the 2nd puppy from this litter and for his sire and dam to be AKC Pointed! Below are a few fun pictures of Striker blowing us away during his AKC Debut!
At the Coyote Hills Kennel Club shows on 5/22/16 under Judge Richard J Lewis Striker goes Reserve Winners Dog for a Major Reserve. Striker was brilliantly handled in class again by Wendy Bettis but robbed of 1st place, this time. The judge gave Striker a good LONG look in class but in the end he was 2nd! Striker was brought back in for Reserve by me (his Breeder)! Would of, Should of, Could of but didn't get that back to back Major!

At the Coyote Hills Kennel Club shows on 5/21/16 Under Judge Sharon K Weston, Striker went Winner's Dog and Best of Winners for a 3 point Major!!! He was expertly handled by Wendy Bettis. He was taken back into the ring by me (his breeder) and awarded Best of Winners.

The ever so Striking  "Striker"

AKC Multi BOB CH/UKC BIMBS BISS CA GRCH Vendetta-GalaRoc's Gold Strike aka Striker
As of 9/23/17 Striker adds Group Placer taking a Group 2 in Helena, MT

SAS CLEAR Via ECHO DOPPLER  2/24/2016 - With FANTASTIC #'s - Flow Rate 1.2/Pulmonic 0.9
ARVC NEG & DM CARRIER/Not At Risk -  24 Hour Holter Clear Sept 2016 - Hips - Fair, Elbow - Normal & Thyroid coming soon!

Striker Finished 2016 as the # 2 dog in the UKC's Top 10 as of 1/20/17, he is 2nd only to his litter sister Stevie who just recently took the # 1 spot (that he held most of the year)! Their dam is also tied for the # 6 Boxer, So 2 siblings have the #'s 1 & 2 spots and their dam tied for the # 6 spot!  Their baby sister Liesel takes the # 5 spot and their cousin Laney ties for the # 6 spot after the final update!

Now just 1 major from his AKC Championship
Not only is he GORGEOUS, he is very sweet and loving. Loves EVERYBODY, young and old. He is very sweet natured. He is great with his skin kids siblings and has stolen everybody's hearts! I am so thankful to Abbie and family for making this boy part of their loving family. Thank you so much Abbie, Joel, Wyatt, Brook, Riley & Wayne!

What can say about this GORGEOUS/FABULOUS BOY?!?!?!?!?!?


Strikers 3rd weekend showing in UKC he not only take BEST CHAMPION/BOB 3 times and GROUP 1, he does it 3 times, twice with his owner Abbie Brandon handling him. This earned him 3 majors towards his GRCH title so he now only needs 2 more CH Majors to be a GRAND CHAMPION!!!!! But wait!! There is more....... His Momma Abbie also handled him to a BEST IN MULTI BREED SHOW. This was his 1st BIMBS and Abbie's too!!!!! We are SO PROUD of this young man and his momma too!

You think he knows that big ass Rosette is his?!?!?!?!
Striker showed in his first shows (after being in his new home) 10/2 thru 10/4 after just over a week in his new home. Striker takes BOW twice and becomes a new UKC CH and follows that up with a Reserve Champion in a class of 4 Champions. Striker only showed 1 other weekend prior with to this where he earned one major towards his title.

At the Lost Coast Kennel Club Shows in Ferndale, CA we are over the moon, on cloud 9 to announce that Striker is awarded the following:

7/3/16 -  WD/BOW/BOB for his 7th AKC Point / Handled by myself - under judge Mr Steve Keating
7/2/16 - WD/BOW/BOB for his 6th AKC Point / Handled by myself - under judge Mrs Patricia Hastings
7/1/16 -  WD/BOW/BOB for his 5th AKC Point / Handled by myself - under judge Mrs Cecilia Ringstrom

We couldn't be more proud! This amazing dog has only shown 5 weekends in AKC / Mostly Handled by me and he has 7 Points with including a 3 point major, 1 RWD & a Major RWD! All points except his major were put on him by myself (his Breeder)!!!!!


Trying something new, Striker goes out for the 1st time with new handler Aaron Rosas Lemus at the San Joaquin Kennel Club Sumday 11/27/16 and Monday 11/28/16, after taking RWD his last 3 of 4 shows

Anyhow, he takes 1st in his class of 2 on Sunday 11/27/16 under judge Ms. Rita J. Biddle, Esq. and WD for 2 more points on Monday 11/28/16 under judge Mr. John Constantine

This brings Striker to 9 points with 1 major - So very close to that AKC CH Title now!
AMAZING - Today, at the Kennel Club of Palm Springs AKC Show in Indio, CA, Striker went Winner's Dog for a 4 Point Major under Judge Carolyn I. Alexander. Expertly handled by Aaron Rosas Lemus. Just a couple dogs short of a 5 point major! Striker now has both Major wins and a total of 13 points! 2 points to go to be an AKC CH.

Striker is so close to being our 2nd CHAMPION Bred By Vendetta Boxers, and the 2nd CH for his Sire & Dam as well as the 1st Champion for our very good friend Abbie Brandon of Jab Boxers.

We are BEYOND THRILLED and so so proud of this Gorgeous dog!

Striker has only been out with his new handler Aaron Rosas Lemus 2 weekends and Aaron has put 6 points including a 4 point major on him! WOWZA!

He is such a GORGEOUS DOG !!!!!
Today 2/5/17, at the Sun Maid Kennel Club Shows in Fresno, showed his 2nd day as a special under Judge James E. Noe He took Best of Opposite Sex for his 2nd point towards his Grand Champion title. Handled by (me) his breeder.
Today at the Golden Gate Kennel Club Shows in Daly City, CA under Boxer judge: Mr. Robert D. Ennis Striker goes WD/BOW for his 14th AKC Point, handled by (me) his Breeder!

Just one point to go for this Gorgeous dog to be an AKC CHAMPION!!!!!

Striker has had an amazing show career in both UKC & AKC and as his breeder I couldn't be more proud of this amazing, goregous and Strikingly Beautiful Dog!!!!

Huge congrats to his owners (my good friend) Abbie & her husband Joel Brandon. For them Striker is their 1st AKC CH/UKC GrCh/UKC Top 10 Boxer/UKC BIMBS & BISS Winner!

Striker is the 2nd Champion for both his sire and dam so Congrats to "Hudson" AKC GrCh Maxl's Stay Gold & "Birdie" UKC UDOM CA GRCH / UCI Int/Nat Hnrs CH, Vendetta's Charmed I'm Sure aka Birdie, CA, SPOT

Striker is also the 2nd AKC Champion for (me) his breeder!

What an Amazing ride ths far with this dog!!!!!

Watch for him in the Specials Ring - Breeder Handled!!!!!

First Time Out As A Special 2/4/17 & 2/5/17 in Fresno
Today at the Golden Gate Kennel Club Shows in Daly City, CA under Boxer judge: Mrs. Betty-Anne Stenmark  Striker goes WINNERS DOG & BEST OF WINNERS FOR HIS FINAL AKC POINT, Handled by (me) his Breeder!

We are THRILLED to introduce to you

AKC BOB CH/UKC BIMBS BISS CA GRCH Vendetta-GalaRoc's Gold Strike aka Striker, who is a Multi AKC/UKC BOB Winner and a Multi UKC BIMBS/BISS Winner and a UKC Top 10 Placer (placing # 2) in 2016!!!!!
Today 2/4/17, at the Sun Maid Kennel Club Shows in Fresno, showed his 1st day as a special under Judge James E. Frederiksen He took Best of Opposite Sex for his 1st point towards his Grand Champion title. Handled by (me) his breeder.

The Judge loved everything about Striker and Raved about his gorgeous headpiece
but said he needed to mature in the rear.
At the Lost Coast Kennel Club shows in Ferndale, CA under Judges

Mrs. Betty Nelson Pollock - BOS for his 5th Grand Champion Point
Dr. Andrea Bradford, MD - BOB for his 6th Grand Champion Point
Mrs. Jeanne D. Zuver - BOB for his 7th Grand Champion Point

Only took 1 win picture for the weekend, got too busy and forget to get the others.
Today 6/4/17 at the Shasta Kennel Club shows in Gridley, CA,  under Judge Cathy Dugan:
Striker, took Best of BREED for 2 points towards his Grand Champion title. Handled by (me) his breeder.
Del Monte Kennel Club Show 7/15/17 under Judge Pamela Winter
Striker Goes Select Dog 8th Grand Champion Point(from a line up of 4 Dog Specials)
over 1 that is a Multi BIS winner, handled by Sonda Peterson.
8/21/17  Reno Kennel Club, Reno, NV.  Under Judge Mrs. Janet Leslie Buchanan, Striker is Select Dog for a 4 point Major!!! Beautifully handled by Sonda Peterson. 
9/14/17 at the Lake County Kennel Club Shows in Vallejo, CA Striker goes Select Dog for 2 more GRCH Points under judge Sharon M. Zaker and once again handled beautifully by Sonda Peterson. This win was with 6 CH/GRCH Dogs in the ring with him, at 3 of which that are currently in the ABC Top 20, loosing only to the current #1 Dog! WTG Striker & Sonda, What a team you are becoming! So SO Proud.
8/27/17 Under Judge Mr. Carl Gene Liepmann & 8/28/17 Under Judge Mrs. Wendy G. Willhauck at the Mensona Kennel Club Shows, Santa Rosa, CA.  Striker is Select Dog both days, giving him his 13th and 14th Grand Champion points!!!  Handled beautifully again by Sonda Peterson.
9/21/17 Under Judge Donald Gill & 9/22/17 Under Judge Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna at the 1709 FALL ROUNDUP CLUSTER at GALLATIN DOG CLUB Shows in Helena, MT Striker goes Select Dog both days, once again handled beautifully by Sonda Peterson. Sadly even with Champion Competition beat there wasn't enough Boxers for any GRCH Points BUT today 9/23/17 at the Helena Kennel Club Shows in this same cluster, Under Judge Jean Pero, Striker's Amazing Handler guides Striker to BOB for 2 more GRCH Points! WOW, WOW WOW, Should have have a 3 Point Major but 2 Boxers that hadn't won Thursday or Friday decided to not show up today and break the GRCH major! On to Group and Judge Thomas Gomez, Sonda leads Striker to a GROUP 2! WTG Striker & Sonda.
At the Lost Coast Kennel Club Of California
Sunday 07/08/18 under judge Mrs Sharon K. Weston and handled by Mercedes Messer, Striker takes Select Dog for a 3 Point Major towards his GRCH Title and now needs just a Major for his GRAND CHAMPION TITLE! (Shown below with Brenda Shepard)
Today 9/24/17 at the Helena Kennel Club Shows in this same cluster, Under Judge Mrs Alane Gomez, Striker's Amazing Handler guides Striker to Select Dog, Sadly once again even with Champion Competition beat there wasn't enough Boxers for any GRCH Points. Striker stands at 18 Points toward the 25 needed for his GRCH so he needs 7 Points with 2 Majors.
Striker's Champion / Grand Champion Get
AKC/UKC CH / UCI INT CH "Trump"Jab N Vendetta's Commander & Chief RATI
ARVC Neg - DM At Carrier - SAS Clear BX-CA3888/15M/P-VPI - Holter Clear - Hips/Elbows & Thyroid coming soon