CAN YOU SAY PREY DRIVE? Stevie Loves the Lure

Stevie has Lure Coursing (CA) Titles in both AKC & UKC.
She is just a handful of runs away from having her CAA in both AKC & UKC as well.

Stevie now also has tried her Paw in FAST CAT and LOVED it

The Shasta Kennel Club hosted a FAST CAT event in conjunction with the AKC Conformation shows in Anderson, CA. Fast CAT is basically a 100 yard sprint chasing a different type of Lure but they are going for speed. The faster you go the more points you get. I ran Stevie both runs on 3/17/18. Her 1st run was 100 yards in 7.63 seconds which is equal to 26.83 MPH for 26.83 points towards her FAST CAT Title, her 2nd 100 yard run was 7.75 seconds which is equal to 26.41 MPH for 26.41 points towards her FAST CAT Title. These times means SHE WAS HAULING ASS. They need a total of 150 points for their 1st title. Stevie has a total of 53.24 points towards her FAST CAT Title in just 2 runs and needs only 96.76 to go so now we have something else fun to do.

Once Stevie finishes her AKC GRCH Title we will go back to working towards her CAA in AKC & UKC.