UKC GRCH Vendetta-GalaRoc's Hot Mess At Jab aka Liesel (formerly Rochelle)


Liesel is happily living with and very much loved by my good friend Abbie Brandon and her husband Joel of Jab Boxers where she is sure to steal the show in AKC/UKC show rings everywhere as she has stolen their hearts.

Liesel may be plain in color but she makes up for it in Attitude & Spunk! She is quite full of herself and demands attention! 

Liesel is Co-owned/Loves & Bred-By us at Vendetta Boxers 
Liesel is sired by "Hudson" AM GRCH Maxl's Stay Gold and out of "Birdie" UKC CA GRCH Vendetta's Charmed I'm Sure, CA, SPOT
Hudson was Bred-By Michelle & Donna of GalaRoc Boxers. "Birdie" was Bred-By us at Vendetta Boxer.
We see greatness in this girls future! She will no doubt easily attain her AKC/UKC GrCh Titles

Sadly, we lost our Beautiful Liesel 11/30/17 when she got out and was killed when she got hit by a car. We are devasted with this loss. Liesel was the sweetest, most lovable, best tempered BEAUTIFUL girl EVER! 

Liesel was well on her way to being the 6th AKC CH for her sire & dam

Liesel was a Cherished family pet before all else and is and forever will be greatly missed by us all!

RIP Sweet Baby Girl. God Speed - 6/23/15 to 11/30/17 - Gone WAY TO SOON!
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Pictured below at 3 weeks
Pictured below at almost 4 months
1/29/17, at the Cow Palace Benched Shows in Daly City Ca under judge Mrs. Betty-Anne Stenmark, Liesel goes WB and BOS for her 2nd AKC point.
Just starting to get serious in AKC -

San Joaquin Kennel Club - Sunday 11/27/16 - Under Judge Ms. Rita J. Biddle, Esq. from the Bred By Class, handled by me, Liesel goes RWB to 2 Points.

She was looked at hard for winners! I thought she had it for a second!
1/28/17, at the Cow Palace Benched Shows in Daly City Ca under judge Mr. Robert D. Ennis, Liesel goes WB and BOS for her very 1st point, making her the 5th AKC pointed boxer for her Sire & Dam.
Liesel showed in her 1st UKC shows as a Novice Puppy on 10/2, 10/3 & 10/4 of 2015 where she showed in 1 Specialty and 5 All breed shows and she took 1 Best In Specialty Show Novice Puppy, 3 Best In Show Novice Puppy's & 2 Reserve Best In Show Novice Puppy's in this 1st weekend out! We are so proud!

At the Wine Country Kennel Club show on 11/8/15 Liesel takes a 4 to 6 month puppy group 3 handled by her mom Abbie. WTG ladies. She looked FABULOUS out there!

On 3/19 & 3/20, 2016 Liesel made her official debut in the UKC at the West Coast Boxer Clubs shows in Kingsburg, CA. This was her 1st time showing in UKC since she has been old enough for points. At just 8 1/2 months Liesel takes Best Female 4 out of 4 shows earning her UKC CHAMPION TITLE! She was handled by her momma Abbie twice and twice by me (her breeder)! I Sept 2016 Liesel earns her UKC GRCH Title. We are so proud!

We are thrilled beyond measure. Birdie will soon be a Multi Dam of Merit. She is already a UKC DOM and is so so close to being an AKC DOM!
Today 2/5/17, at the Sun Maid Kennel Club Shows in Fresno, CA
under Judge James E. Noe:

Liesel was 1st in her Bred-By class and Reserve Winner's Bitch. Handled by (me) her breeder.
Today 2/4/17, at the Sun Maid Kennel Club in Fresno, CA
under Judge James E. Frederiksen

Liesel, was 1st in her Bred-By class and Winner's Bitch for her 3rd AKC point. Handled by (me) her breeder, and taken back in for Best of Winner's by (Abbie) her owner.

The judge today Raved about how nice Liesel is over all. Loved her movement and soundnes. Said she is is sound and strong in structure with great movement and a beautiful headpiece and that she will be robbed of the wins more often than not because because of her plainess.
Today 3/24/17, at the San Mateo Kennel Club Shows in Vallejo, CA
under Judge Carl E Gomez:

Liesel was 1st in her Am-Bred Class and Winner's Bitch FOR 2 POINTS. Handled by Gary Steele (1st time showing with him)!

This brings Liesel to 5 points!
Today 6/4/17 at the Shasta Kennel Club shows in Gridley, CA,  under Judge Cathy Dugan
Liesel, took WB for 1 point Handled by (me) his breeder in class and in Winners by Michelle Allen.
Thank you Michelle Allen for your help handling and grooming. Much appreciated.

This brings Liesel to 6 points!

I can't stack this bitch correctly for a picture to save my life....
At the Lost Coast Kennel Club shows in Ferndale, CA under Judges

Mrs. Betty Nelson Pollock - RWB
Dr. Andrea Bradford, MD - WB/BW/OS for her 7th Point
Mrs. Jeanne D. Zuver - RWB

Only took 1 win picture for the weekend, got too busy and forget to get the others.
Oh hey look, I actually stacked her decent.