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Best In Show Novice Puppy 1 of 4 - UKC Judge Rebecca Harris

Best In Show Novice Puppy 3 of 4 - AKC/UKC Judge Elizabeth (Lani) McKennon

Best In Show Novice Puppy 2 of 4 - UKC Judge Mark Golden

Best In Show Novice Puppy 4 of 4 - UKC Judge Dennis Blickenstaff

Now owned by and resides with Jennifer & Gerald

I am so very happy to announce that Laney aka BIMBS NP UKC CH Vendetta's Easy Lane is a very lucky girl and has a new home and is very much loved by my dear friends Jennifer & Gerald (owners of Laney's Great Grand Sire)

I am so happy that Jennifer & Gerald have a piece of their beloved Scottie who sadly passed last year do to Lymphoma. Scottie lives on in his children, grand children and now great grand children. Scottie is very much loved and missed by many.

Thankfully, Laney gets to continue her journey on her show career and work towards her AKC CH Title and her UKC Grand Champion Title. Not only that but it quite possible that Laney will be trained to be Gerald's Search & Rescue Dog for his work in Search & Rescue.

Laney also has a 5 1/2 year old skin brother to grow up with and a 6 year old neutered boxer to pester and learn the ways of the world from.

I am so happy for Jennifer, Gerald, Matthew, Leon & Laney!
Group 3 - 3rd Major - New Champion
AKC/UKC Judge Janet Fink
Group 3 - 2nd Major
UKC Judge William Allan Orwin
Group 4 - 1st  Major
AKC/UKC Judge Elizabeth (Lani) Mckennon
On  9/20/2014 at the UKC show in Santa Maria, In show 1 Laney took a group 4 earning in 1st of 3 majors towards her UKC Champion Title under AKC/UKC Judge Elizabeth (Lani) Mckennon 

On 9/21/2014 at the UKC show in Santa Maria Laney, at 1 week Shy of 7 months took 2 group 3's against adult dogs that are 2 to 3 years old too get her last 2 majors needed to be UKC CH Vendetta's Easy Lane aka Laney.

These impressive wins were under

UKC Judge Already Orwin &
AKC/UKC judge Janet Fink.

Needless to say I am quite proud of this beautiful young lady. She is the whole package. See pictures below from this amazing weekend.

UKC CA GRCH Vendetta's Easy Lane aka Laney, AKC POINTED
ARVC Neg & DM At Risk

Laney has earned the following

Multi UKC Group Placements including
Group 1's & 2's
Multi Best In Multi Breed Show
Multi Reserve Best  In Multi Breed Show's
Multi Best Novice Puppy In Specialty Show's
Multi Best Novice Puppy In Show's
UKC CA (Coursing Aptitude)
1/29/17, at the Cow Palace Benched Shows in Daly City Ca under judge Mrs. Betty-Anne Stenmark, Laney goes RWB
Laney finishes her UKC Grand Champion Title October 2015 - Now to concentrate on her AKC Titles.

Look for Laney to hit the AKC show rings hard in the coming months. Laney is just coming into her own at just under 20 months and should start doing very well in the AKC ring now. Everybody that sees her LOVES her as she is quite a beauty. Thank you Wendy Bettis for these AMAZING stacked shots!!!

As expected Laney shows in her 1st AKC shows since earning her UKC GRCH (only her 5th weekend in AKC shows (with each show months apart) and was owner/breeder handled to her 1st AKC Point 11/7/15 at the Napa Wine Country Shows, in the same ring that on the same day her Sire & Dam were WD/BOW & WB!

Having much fun in Vallejo at the Chief Solano shows 4/22/17!!

I showed my "Laney" in the Bred By Class and she took WB/BW/BOB under Judge Mr. Richard Lewis.

I am floored. This on the heel's of Laney's cousin Stevie going WB for her 1st major yesterday 4/21/17 in Idaho under the Expert Handling of Kimberlie Steele-Gamero.

I am ecstatic to say the least.
Having much fun at the Gavilin Kennel Club shows 5/7/17!!

I showed my "Laney" in the Bred By Class and a nice doberman owner handler brought her back in for me and she took WB/BOB under Judge Mr. Vincent G. Mulligan.

It won't be long now for this gorgeous bitch to finish and attain her AKC CH

I am ecstatic to say the least.
At the Two Cities Kennel Club shows 5/13/17 & 5/14/17!!

I showed my "Laney" in the Bred By Class on 5/13/17 she took WB/BOB under Judge Mr. Eric J. Ringle and on 5/14/17 she again was WB/BOB under Judge Adrian Woodfork. Tried hard in group to turn her no point BOB into a point both days but at least WB/BOB weren't withheld and she showed well.

I thought I entered 2 bitches but I entered the same bitch twice and my duplicate entry was returned instead of someone contacting me to check on my entry that was obviously a mistake. 

We will get her done sometime!