This page was last updated: January 22, 2017
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UKC GRCH CH, UCI Multi INT/NAT CH Vendetta N Altitude Beam Me Up Scottie, RN, CGC, HAT, UDOM

DOB 9/24/09

AKC POINTED - Owner/Breeder Handled - From the BRED-BY Class - Against top professionally handled competition

BX-359624 CERF

Galaxy is now spayed and will remain at Vendetta Boxers as our very much loved fur kid. Galaxy gave us 3 beautiful litters that are all in very loving homes.

We are so happy to announce that on  8/9/2014 our 1st homebred Champion becomes our 1st UKC Dam of Merit when her daughter Vendetta's Charmed I'm Sure aka Birdie earns her UKC Grand Champion title. Though not needed for her UDOM her daughter Vendetta's Sweeten The Deal aka Delta also earns her UKC Grand Champion Title on 8/10/2014.

To earn a UKC DOM title through the Great Lakes Boxer Club you need to 1st be a member of the club and a Dam needs to have at least 3 UKC Champion offspring with at least 2 of them being Grand Champions.

Galaxy's qualifying offspring are as follows

UKC CA GRCH CH, UCI Multi INT/NAT CH Vendetta's Third Times A Charm, CGC aka Charm - AKC Pointed
UKC CA GRCH CH Vendetta's Charmed I'm Sure aka Birdie - AKC Pointed
UKC GRCH CH Vendetta's Sweeten The Deal aka Delta - AKC Pointed
UKC CH, Vendetta's Lucky Charm aka Murphy

Galaxy has other UCI INT/NAT CH, UKC Major Pointed and AKC CGC titled offspring as well.

They are as follows:

Vendetta's Isn't She Charming, RN, CGC aka Julep
UCI INT/NAT CH Vendetta's Prince Charming aka Bentley - UKC Major Pointed

Galaxy's has the following Champion Grand Puppies

UKC CA GRCH Vendetta's Easy Laney aka Laney - AKC Pointed
UKC GRCH, UCI Int/Nat SR CH Vendetta-GalaRoc's Gold Dust Woman aka Stevie - AKC Pointed
UKC GRCH Vendetta-GalaRoc's Gold Strike aka Striker - AKC Pointed
UKC CH GalaRoc N Vendetta's All American Girl aka Reba (Carrie)
UKC CH Vendetta - GalaRoc's Hot Mess At Jab aka Liesel
& 3 more that will soon hit the show rings - or that are currently showing

Galaxy has earned the following titles and placements

UKC Grand Champion
UCI Multi International Champion
UCI Multi National Champion
RN - Rally Novice
CGC- Canine Good Citizen
HAT - Herding Aptitude Test

Multiple UKC Top 10 Placements

Multi UKC/UCI Group Placements including
Group 1's, 2's, 3's & 4's

UKC Multiple Best In Multi Breed Show Novice Pupy
UKC Reserve Best In Multi Breed Show Novice Puppy
Our hearts are crushed forever. Sadly on Oct 23rd, 2016 we lost our heart dog (our 1st bred) beautiful, happy, loving, amazing girl Galaxy!

Here it is Jan 22nd, 2017 and I am still in shock over the unexpected loss our our precious girl!

Galaxy was a great big 7 year old puppy, still acting like a 1 year old silly, playful, full of life amazing dog. We had just brought her back out to UKC shows to show as a vetran and altered boxer in the UKC shows. We had plans to show her at the 2017 Sacramento Specialties in April as a vetran.

Friday morning the 21st of October Galaxy refused her breakfast. She had also pee'd in her crate at some point between the time she went to bed the night before and the time we gave her breafast. Her crate pad was soaked. She acted fine and nothing else happened until Sunday the 23rd. She woke up, ate her breakfast, went out and chased Squirrels, and ate her lunch.  Everything was completely normal, or so it seemed.

That afternoon at about 4pm she went and layed down in Charm's crate. I called her because she looked like she didn't feel good. She would not even try to get up. I tried bribing her with cheese. Still nothing. I had Tj come out of our room and try to get her out of Charm's crate. At first she wouldn't budge but she stood up and walked to the living room. She looked like maybe she had a slight limp but was otherwise acting completely normal. She has been sore after chasing Squirrels before. In fact last March she broke a toe chasing Squirrels.

She seemed fine so at about 5pm I left and went to the gym. Tj called me around 6:30pm wanting to know when I would be home. Said Galaxy was limping and having a hard time walking. He had just put her outside to potty and she layed down and wouldn't get up. She had pooped in the living room and kitchen. This wasn't like her at all. She never pottied in the house.

I was on my way home so when I got there she was laying down in the yard.  I called her and she stood up tried to walk and her back legs fell out from under her. She tried again and was leaning and lost her back legs again.
I helped her into the house but she only made it to right inside the back door. She laid down and she would not attempt to get up.

My son helped me lift her onto the dog bed and carry her to the living room. She layed there starring off onto space. TJ sat with her while I fed the other dogs. We discussed watching her through the night and going to the vet in the morning if she didn't improve. Within an hour or so she started to appear to be in shock and breathing heavy. TJ and my son carried her on the dog bed to my van and my son and I headed to the e-vet with her.  My son sat in back with her holding her while I drove. 

It was too late. By the time we got to the e-vet in Fairfield she had passed away.  They had to bring a stretcher out to my van to get her. She was already gone.

From her symptoms they think she ate something and got poisoned. My husband told me that when she pooped in the house there was what he thought might be streaks of blood in her poop. He said it was very little so he wasn't concerned. He is not even sure it was blood.

I/we are devastated. Galaxy was our baby. I am so sad right now.  I can't believe she is gone.

To be fine, chasing squirrels one minute to not feeling well, to very sick and can't walk or stand, to dead in a matter of hours is crazy.
Now today thinking back on that day, I thought for sure more then ever that this is my fault. I had mopped the kitchen Saturday night but had not got to the living room. I still had the bucket of dirty bleach/pine-sol water with the mop in it by the front door so could dump it and put fresh clean water in it to mop the living room. I thought Galaxy must have drank some of that water. She had a bowl of fresh water not 10 feet from the dirty water bucket. I would have never thought she would drink the bad water but thought maybe she did. Since that time we have found a couple mice in our yard that appeared to have nurological issues. Like one we caught Birdie and Stevie playing with a week or so prior that we thought at first they injured while playing with it. The mice couldn't seem to walk without falling. Now we think they were probably poisioned and dying from the poision. We think Galaxy must have caught and eaten at least one of these mice. She had caught birds before and was always very close to catching Squirels.

I hope she wasn't in pain. I feel like I failed her big time. Maybe if I had taken her to the vet when she first acted weird and went to Charm's crate, maybe just maybe they could have saved her!

Today I am really missing my Galaxy Girl! I miss her everyday but today I can't stop thinking about her!