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UKC GRCH, Vendetta's Sweeten The Deal

BX-CA3066/23F/9-VPI CARDIAC - Normal Practitioner


DOB 11/14/2012

As of 2/2/2013 - From the Novice Puppy Class - Breeder/Owner Handled  - At just days before she is 12 weeks young (in her 1st Novice Puppy match) Delta takes back to back BOB NP's, at the UKC show in Elverta, CA. Everybody that saw her just fell in love with her and she didn't meet a person she didn't want love kiss and play with. She is personality plus!

Delta is earned her UCK Grand Champion title on 8/10/214

Delta is AKC Pointed owner/breeder handled

Delta (now retired) resides with and is very much loved by my nephew Danny and his wife Natasha and their daughters Abby & Desi. They are all in love with her.

My nephew suffers from Diabetes and Delta, all on her own has learned to be his Diabetes detection dog. She instinctively knows when his keytones are off and she alerts him. The 1st couple times she did this nobody knew why she was acting the way she was but she knew something was wrong and she didn't stop until Danny found his problem with his pump and fixed it. They know now that if Delta is alerting they need to listen and check Danny's sugar levels and make sure his pump is working.