Birdie's Best Of The Best In Show Win Picture!

On this day Birdie competed against all the dogs that took either Best In Show or Reserve Best In Show in any of the 4 shows they showed in this weekend. So Birdie was Reserve Best of the Best In Show out of 4 Shows. I couldn't be more proud of this beautiful girl! LOVE HER TO DEATH! Thank you too Judge Mark Golden, Assistant Judge Sondra Peirson and Handler Frauzon Zekria. 
"Birdie"  UKC CA GRCH / UCI Hnrs CH,
Vendetta's Charmed I'm Sure aka Birdie, CA, SPOT RATI, RATN AKC/UKC DOM - AKC Pointed

DOB 1/6/2012

Birdie has earned the following titles and placements

On 8/9/2014 Birdie takes Back To Back Champion majors to earn her Grand Champion title
and made her dam UKC GRCH CH, UCI Multi INT/NAT CH Vendetta N Altitude Beam Me Up Scottie UDOM, RN, CGC, HAT, a UKC Dam Of Merit. Not only that but Birdie also took 2 Reserve Best In Multi Breed Show wins and an addtional Best Champion win in the 3 shows she showed in this weekend. Birdie did all of this while being 28 to 30 days pregnant with her 1st litter! We are so very proud of this beautiful girl.

Multi UKC Group Placements including
Group 1's & 2's
Multi Reserve Best  In Multi Breed Show's
Reserve Best Of The Best In Show
Multiple Best Novice Puppy In Show's
Best Novice Puppy In Specialty Show
Reserve Best In Specialty Show
Best In Multi Breed Show

AKC POINTED - Owner/Breeder Handled - Very limited showing

BX-CA2837/23F/P-VPI - CARDIAC - Normal
Holter Clear
BX-EL685F33-VPI - Elbows - Normal
BX-4983G33F-VPI - Hips - Good
OFA Results      -      Birdie's Pedigree
Birdie's 4th AKC Point

Birdie goes WB/BOS 7/3/16 at the Lost Coast Kennel Club Shows in Ferndale, CA
Handled in class by me (her breeder), brought back in for winners by our very good friend Abbie Brandon of Jab Boxers! Abbie is in this pictures holding Birdie RWB pictures from 7/1/16 & 7/2/16. Judge Steve Keating for WB/BOS, Judges Cecilia Ringstrom & Pat Hastings for the RWB's.
"Rucker" AKC CH GalaRoc N Vendetta's Good For A Good Time
Whelped 6/23/2015 - Sired by "Hudson" AKC GRCH Maxl's Stay Gold

At the San Mateo Kennel Club, Inc. on Thursday 03/23/17 Under JUDGE: Mrs. Terry L. Berrios, RUCKER GOES WD for 2 points and than BOS "OVER 5 Specials (at least 3 of them Top 20 Dogs)" for a 3 POINT MAJOR

At the Reno Kennel Club, Inc. on Sunday 8/20/17, Under Judge Mrs. Janet Leslie Buchanan RUCKER GOES WD for his 2nd 3 POINT MAJOR. He now stands at 8 Points with BOTH MAJORS

At the Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club, Inc Show on Saturday 9/16/17 Under Judge Mrs. Arlene Rubenstein, RUCKER GOES WD/BW for his 3rd MAJOR (A 4 Pointer)!!!!!

Rucker finished as the 4th AKC CH for his sire & dam on 12/1/17

As his Dad Says - ROCK ON RUCKER!!!!! We are so so PROUD!!!!!
"CJ" (Conner Junior) AKC CH GalaRoc N High Ridges Golden Vendetta
Whelped 6/23/2015 - Sired by "Hudson" AKC GRCH Maxl's Stay Gold

CJ lives in Texas so Inever actually got to see him show BUT CJ Finished in Grand Style 7/3/2016 with 5, yes 5 Major Wins (3 of which were this weekend) and he just barely turned 1 year old!

NEWS FLASH - CJ Places 4th in his huge 9 to 12 month fawn dog class of 13 at the 2016 ABC Futurity

OMG - For me this is HUGE. I have nominated quite a few litters for the futurity but CJ is the 1st to actually be entered and shown and he makes us at Vendetta Boxers so proud. This may not be a big deal to everybody but its a huge deal to me and he is only 10 months to boot!


In his even larger 9 to 12 month fawn dog (class of 14) at the ABC Nationals, CJ floors us when he makes the short list in the Top 6 of that class!

Great Job CJ - Way to represent Vendetta Boxers at the ABC Nationals. We are so proud to be your breeder!

CJ is the 1st AKC CHAMPION for Vendetta Boxers as well as for his Sire Hudson and Dam Birdie

WOW, Just WOW! What an amazing dog he is! We are so very proud! Not many dogs finish with 5 Majors and with 3 of them in the same weekend is almost un heard of! All of this by 12 months old! What A Rock Star!!!!! We are SO VERY PROUD!!!!!
Vendetta-GalaRoc's Gold Dust Woman, CA, SPOT, RATI, RATO, Total Dog
Whelped 9/12/2014 - Sired by "Hudson" AKC GRCH Maxl's Stay Gold

What can I say about this AMAZING GIRL!!!!! She is our keeper puppy from our 1st amazing litter sired by Hudson! She was the 1st to be AKC Pointed (owner/breeder hadled by me), she was the 1st UKC CH & GRCH for her Sire Hudson & Dam Birdie, she was the 1st to be an AKC/UKC BOB Winner & Group Winner, She was the 1st to be a UKC Best In Show NP, Best In Specialty Show NP, Best In Show, Best In Specialty Show Adult winner (all owner/breeder handled by me), she is the 3rd AKC CH for her Sire Hudson & Dam Birdie. She is the 1st to be a CH in 3 Venues (AKC/UKC/UCI) She is the 1st to be the #1 UKC Boxer in the UKC's Top 10 and she did it in 2015 & 2016! She is the 1st to have her UKC CA Title & the 1st and only to have her AKC CA Title, She is the 1st and only to have her UKC SPOT, URO1, Total Dog. RATI, RATN & RATO Titles as well. I lost count on how many UKC BIS, BISS, RBIS and RBISS wins this girl racked up as a Novice Puppy and as an Adult.

AKC GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP is so close we can taste it. She just needs 1 single major and stands at 46 Points.

I tried really hard to finish this girl in AKC myself, I put her 1st 9 Points on her (one win was 1 bitch shy of a 3 poin Major) I finally gave up and hired Kimberlie Steele-Gamero to get those Majors and their 1st day of their 1st weekend out they took a 3 point major together. The 2nd major eluded us for a minute but Kimberlie got it done in a handful of weekends.

What is next for Stevie - Puppies, hopefully we will have little Stevie/Trump Puppies this year! Stay Tuned!
"Striker" AKC CH / UKC CA GRCH Vendetta-GalaRoc's Gold Strike
Whelped 9/12/2014 - Sired by "Hudson" AKC GRCH Maxl's Stay Gold

Striker made his Dam Birdie a UDOM when he earned his GRCH & is just 6 Points & 2 Majors away from his AKC GRCH Title

The ever so Striking is in addition to his AKC/UKC Titles a Multiple AKC/UKC BOB Winner & Group Placer as well as a Multiple UKC BIS & BISS Winner. Striker is the 2nd AKC & UKC Champion for his Sire Hudson & Dam Birdie, the 1st Dual Champion and about to be the 1st Dual GRCH! Striker is a single major away from his AKC Grand Champion Title.

Striker is SAS CLEAR Via ECHO DOPPLER  2/24/2016 - With FANTASTIC #'s - Flow Rate 1.2/Pulmonic 0.9
ARVC NEG & DM CARRIER/Not At Risk -  24 Hour Holter Clear Sept 2016 - Hips/Fair, Elbow/Normal & Thyroid coming soon!

Striker Finished 2016 as the # 2 dog in the UKC's Top 10 as of 1/20/17, he is 2nd only to his litter sister Stevie who just recently took the # 1 spot (that he held most of the year)! Their dam is also tied for the # 6 Boxer, So 2 siblings have the #'s 1 & 2 spots and their dam tied for the # 6 spot!  Their baby sister Liesel takes the # 5 spot and their cousin Laney ties for the # 6 spot after the final update!

Not only is he GORGEOUS, he is very sweet and loving. Loves EVERYBODY, young and old. He is very sweet natured. He is great with his skin kids siblings and has stolen everybody's hearts! I am so thankful to Abbie and family for making this boy part of their loving family. Thank you so much Abbie, Joel, Wyatt, Brook, Riley & Wayne!
"Reba" UKC CH GalaRoc N Vendetta's All American Girl  
Whelped 9/12/2014 - Sired by "Hudson" AKC GRCH Maxl's Stay Gold

Reba has only shown 1 weekend in UKC. That was August 2015 at the West Coast Boxer Club's Shows in Kingsburg, CA. Reba was a Rock Star taking WB/BW in the 1st 3 of 4 shows for 3 CH Majors and her UKC CH Title, She went on the earn her 1st GRCH Major towards her Grand Champion Title in the 4th show. What a way to start off her show career.  Unfortunately, Reba has so far not shown again. We are hopeful to get her back out in AKC & UKC shows in 2018, after her her siblings are finished. We ar so close!
Birdie's Champion / Champion Pointed Get
"Liesel" UKC GRCH Vendetta-GalaRoc's Hot Mess At Jab   AKC POINTED
Whelped 6/23/2015 - Sired by "Hudson" AKC GRCH Maxl's Stay Gold

Liesel may be plain in color but she makes up for it in Attitude & Spunk! She is quite full of herself and demands attention! Liesel is our 3rd UKC GRCH and our 5th to be AKC Pointed. She was the # 5 UKC Boxer in the UKC Top 10 for 2016. Liesel just started showing seriously in AKC this past January 2017 as we were consentrating on her sister Stevie & brother Striker that are from the 1st litter from Hudson & Birdie in 2014. Liesel is from the 2015 Litter from Hudson & Birdie.

Since Liesel picked up her 1st & 2nd Points at the Cow Palace Shows in Daly City owner/breeder handed by me, she picked up 5 more points through the 4th of July. Shown below with Gary Steele putting 2 of those points on her.

Liesel consistantly places 1st. 2nd or 3rd in her large classes of up to 7 bitches at a time. Judges LOVE her and tell us more often than not that she is gorgeous but her plain packages is going to make it hard for her to finish! She needs just 8 points including both majors. Liesel is well on her way to being the 6th AKC CH for her Sire & Dam.

Sadly, we lost our Beautiful Liesel 11/30/17 when she got out and was killed when she got hit by a car. We are devasted with this loss. Liesel was the sweetest, most lovable, best tempered BEAUTIFUL girl EVER! 
"Lacy" AKC CH GalaRoc N Vendetta's Sweet Dream Baby
Whelped 6/23/2015 - Sired by "Hudson" AKC GRCH Maxl's Stay Gold

Last but certainly not least we have Lacy!

Lacy just started her show career in February 2017 where at the Santa Clara Kennel Club Shows where she was 1st in her class both days of her 1st weekend showing!

Lacy's 2nd weekend out was the weekend of 3/23, 3/24 & 3/25 at the San Mateo/Oakland Kennel Club Cluster and she showed her heart out all 3 days. On day 3 she was RWB to (almost a 3 Point Major) under Judge Mr. Ronald Freeman.

Lacy's 3rd weekend was the weekend of the Yosemite Kennel Club Show - Friday 6/09/17 Under Judge Charles Olvis where Lacy goes WB/BW for a 4 POINT MAJOR the day after getting Major Reserve to a 4 Point Major, Wowza!!!!!

Lacy's 5th weekend out was at the Reno Kennel Club Show - Friday 8/20/17, Under Mrs. Janet Leslie Buchanan where Lacy goes WB/BW for a 3 POINT MAJOR (her 2nd Major). Lacy now stands at 7 Points

Lacy's 6th weekend out was at the Menosa KC Kennel Club Show - Friday 8/25/17, Under Judge Mr. Paul F. Willhauck where Lacy goes WB/BOS for her 8th Point. and again at that Menosa KC Kennel Club Show - Sat 8/26/17, Under Judge Mr. Carl Gene Liepmann where Lacy goes WB/BOS for 2 more Points bringing her to 10 Points and she ended this weekend at the Menosa KC Kennel Club Show - Sun 8/27/17, Under Judge Mrs. Wendy G. Willhauck where Lacy goes WB/BOS for 2 more Points Bringing her to 12 Points!!!!

Lacy's 7th weekend out at the Lake County Kennel Club of Northern California Show - Sat 9/14/17, Under Judge Ms. Sharon M. Zaker, Lacy goes WB/BW for 2 more Points Bringing her to 14 Points

Lacy finished as the 5th AKC CH for her Sire & Dam on 12/1/17 going WB/BOW/BOS
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It is quite clear that Hudson & Birdie were a great match with both their litters. We now have 5 AKC CH's between the 2 FABULOUS litters these 2 produced together!!!!!

I can't thank Michelle Rocca & Donna Galante of GalaRoc Boxers enough for allowing me to bring my Birdie to their Hudson!!!!!
Birdie's Champion / Grand Champion Grand Puppies
AKC/UKC CH / UCI INT CH "Trump"Jab N Vendetta's Commander & Chief RATI
ARVC Neg - DM At Carrier - SAS Clear BX-CA3888/15M/P-VPI - Holter Clear - Hips/Elbows & Thyroid coming soon