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My Upcoming Conformation Training Class Schedule

Any changes to the schedule will be posted here as they come up. Please check here every Monday for latest information
Classes are drop in $10.00 for 1/2 hour per week per dog OR $8.00 per week per dog when prepaid at least 4 weeks in advance and must be used within 6 weeks.

My Upcoming Conformation Training Schedule. Right now while the weather is nicer we are having most of our classes at Borges Ranch Park in Vallejo. We will have some classes at the club location in Benicia but not a lot while the weather is nicer.

Monday 1/28/19 - At the VDTC 4740 East 2nd St. #32, Benicia from 7:00 to 7:30pm
Monday 2/4/19 - At the VDTC 4740 East 2nd St. #32, Benicia from 6:30 to 7:00pm

Individual Private Lessons (not through the club) taught/handled by me

& Every Monday Individual Private Classes taught/handled by me (not the club) At Borges Ranch Park in Vallejo

Barbara's Puppies 5:15pm
Lagertha 6:30pm

Accept the week of 2/4/19 where your classes will be
Barbara's Puppies 5:15pm - 6:00
Lagertha 6:00pm - 6:30
Handling Fee/Rates
See my Schedule Link for Upcoming Shows

My base rate for class dogs/bitches is $25.00 per day per dog and goes up as I win.
WD and/or WB add $25.00 so total for the day would be $50.00
BW and/or BOS add $25.00 so total for the day would be 75.00
BOB add $25.00 so total would be $100.00.

My base rate for Champions is $50.00 per day and goes up as I win.
Select Dog/Bitch or BOS add $25.00 so total for the day would be $75.00
BOB add $50.00 so total for day would be $100.00

I will not charge xtra for Groups or BIS but tips are always welcome and appreciated but not required. Win photos are your responsibly to pay for should you want them.

My fee's are structured this way because I feel as a handler I should have to earn my pay. Most handlers would charge $100.00 to $125.00 per day per dog though BOB regardless of whether they won or lost. Groups & BIS are additional fee's. I won't base my pay scale this way. If I win non cash/check prizes with your dogs those will be yours and yours alone, however if I win money I will retain 50% of the total amount won. The only exception to my fee's would be if I have a ring conflict and have to have somebody else show your dog/bitch and I have to pay them, you would have to cover their fee. Most times handler help eachother but sometimes you have to cover their fee's.