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I am Debra Henkle of Vendetta Boxers - Established in 2005
a Boxer Breeder/Exhibitor & Multi Breed Professional Handler

Vendetta Boxers is located in Vallejo, CA

I have always loved Boxers since I met my friend Dee Dee Woods when I was in Junior High. Dee Dee and her Mom had Boxers. They had Shawna and her son Sampson when I met Dee Dee. They were both beautiful flashy fawn Boxers. If memory serves me correctly Dee Dee was a Junior handler. I had only ever seen dog shows on TV and never dreamed I would show or breed Boxers but I have wanted one since way back then. I hoped that I would someday have a Boxer. My son and his Girlfriend in 2005 got me a pet Boxer for my Birthday and that is when this amazing adventure started. I was bit by the show bug and am hooked.

I am a member of the following clubs:

West Coast Boxer Club - Member/Founder/President 2013/14 & 2015/16
Sacramento Valley Boxer Club - Member/Vice President 2012/2013/2014, Match Chair 2012/2013/2014, Raffle Chair 2012/2013
The Vallejo Dog Training Club - The Conformation Trainer
Great Lakes Boxer Club - Member
East Bay Boxer Club - Member

My love for this breed is what drives me. We are Vendetta Boxers for many reasons. I have listed a few below:

1)We are against BYB (back yard breeders) that don't health test.
2)We are against treating animals badly.
3)We are against people in the breed treating others badly.
4)We are against judges, handlers and breeders that cheat the system. Dogs should win on their own merit.

To learn more about us and our boxers please stay awhile get to know us here at our home on the web. There is a lot to see here so you might want to grab a drink and a snack. I think you'll be glad you did. If you haven't already done so please sign our guest book on our home page. We hope you enjoy your visit and comeback often. We have lots going on an update frequently.